The Berlin Wall, also called the Wall of Shame, was erected on the night of August 12 to 13, 1961, thus distancing the FRG (Federal Republic) and East Germany (Democratic Republic) under the control of Western powers and communists. Thousands of people from the GDR while trying to cross the wall at the price of their lives. Wall, physically separating the city into “East Berlin” and “West Berlin” is for nearly thirty years the symbol of the Cold War and the division of Germany after the Second World War. But what it is today and how you Berliners have they met this challenge newfound freedom?

At the historical level, Berlin is one of the oldest European cities were founded in the year 1200. Its current name is probably due to the Slavic word berlen. For tourists longing for ancient architecture, do not count on Berlin. The only places giving you the chance to experience the past is the Nikolaiviertel (Nicolas0 Quarter, near the City Hall. Tourists warned quickly noticed that Berlin can not be indifferent to its discontinuity.

It is this discontinuity that makes Berlin a city unusual, coveted by tourists and youth.

Berlin is an exciting city and welcoming, constantly in motion. Classic or modern, fun coming up with a unique architecture in the world. Although modern, it is possible to find the tourist history of the city from the year 1200 to the present day through specific neighborhoods, including having preserved the typical architecture of communism and everything looks and style European American.

But by the destruction of the wall and the block is Berlin in particular, quickly filled the gap at both architectural and cultural. Today, there are all reunited Berlin nearly 150 theaters, 300 galleries, 180 museums and most importantly, 3 of the best casinos in Germany.

The reputation of casinos Berlin is more to do, experts in card games or slot machines will tell you. At this level, Berlin finds himself in second place with three national sides casino among the 126 well spread across the country.

So if Berliners are proud of their city, it is mainly because of its nocturnal activities and his youth for his past skinned during the twentieth century. Tourists arrived the night before and enjoy having the Berlin nightlife might lack the courage to visit the following places and spend time on a lot of things.

The first visit is mandatory to perform the Reichstag, considered the monument par excellence and the most representative of the Berlin Brandenburg Gate. Through the Reichstag all historical events in Berlin for having fulfilled its function as final for 40 years.

Once submitted your emotions, take a walk on the Unter den Linden avenue Champs Elysées corresponding to the French extending 1.4 km and offering itself more history than the modern city can offer. It will include the Schlossbrücke with delight, the Zeughaus, New Block guard and the Maxim Gorki Theater, and the Palais am Festungsgraben.

But Berlin is also its cathedral, its TV tower, and Alexander Platz, without forgetting Friedrichstrass, Gendarmenmarkt: the French Church and the German Church, Checkpoint Charlie, Topography of Terror, The Jewish Museum, Potsdamer Platz, New National Gallery, The Forum of Culture Park Tiergarten The Victory Column (Siegessäule), Zoological Garden, The Memorial Church William I, Kurfürstendamm, Charlottenburg museums: the Egyptian Museum and Berggruen Collection, Castle Charlottenburg Charlottenburg Park and for those with time: The archives of Bauhaus, The neighborhood Scheunenviertel: New Synagogue and Hackesche Höfe, Dahlem Museums, The Museum of Contemporary Art Hamburg Train Station, the Old Museum, House of Brecht.

Discover all our cultural and social programs offered by Berlin throughout the year. Every evening, operas and plays are staged so gorgeous, not to mention his many concerts.
But Berlin is also: in the month of January the Museum Night in February film festival to continue its momentum with the Tourism Fair and Music Biennial in March. For Pentecost, have fun at the Carnival of Cultures in Kreuzberg Love Parade – international meeting must for fans of techno in June Music Festival and elsewhere in the Tempodrom in the month of July. In August mpois on Gendarmenmarkt move you to International Dance Festival to get ready in the Berlin Marathon in September and discover the Art Forum. October, enjoy the festival Jazz Fest. Enjoy the cultural level of November with Day of Jewish Culture and the Christmas markets in December.